Advancing Health System Specialty Pharmacy

Trellis Rx partners with health systems to fund, build, and operate world-class specialty pharmacies.

Creating remarkable outcomes

Integrated care for the patients who need it most.


Pharmacy liaisons enable doctors and nurses to get back to what they do best.


Patients receive medication and education before they leave the doctor’s office.


Clinic-based pharmacists interact with patients throughout the course of therapy as part of the care team.


Pharmacy liaisons use advanced technology to provide patients with exactly what they need before they know they need it.

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Health systems support many credentialed providers...

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...Creating Substantial Opportunities To Improve Patient Care and Create New Financial Benefits

Your providers1 treat {{ total_specialty_patients }} patients2 needing specialty medications each year, resulting in up to {{ total_rx }} prescription fills annually

{{ no_pickup }} patients will never pick up their prescription, even when it could save their lives, and after 2 months,{{ no_refill }} patients won’t refill their medication.

Fewer than {{ prescribed }} patients will take their medications as prescribed.

Maintaining the status quo, your providers currently generate {{ total_revenue }} in prescriptions.

(1) Includes Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and other clinicians.
(2) Based on national average.

With Trellis,
everyone thrives.

Trellis helps health systems deliver life-changing results for its patients, while also providing significant outcome improvements for payers and manufacturers.

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We have assembled a multidisciplinary team with expertise across the critical areas of pharmacy care management and patient engagement.

Vidya Bhat Vidya Bhat
Eddie Bureau Eddie Bureau
Denali Cahoon Denali Cahoon
Surinder Dhall Surinder Dhall
Dheeraj Duvvuru Dheeraj Duvvuru
Alon Krashinsky Alon Krashinsky
Brian Lovett Brian Lovett
Andy Maurer Andy Maurer
Kraig McEwen Kraig McEwen
Doug Pritchett Doug Pritchett
Richard Selby Richard Selby
Hanxiong Shi Hanxiong Shi
Yukiko Wu Yukiko Wu
Tony Zappa Tony Zappa
Britt Sager Britt Sager

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