Arbor® Specialty Pharmacy Technology

Our Arbor® specialty pharmacy technology platform connects with your electronic health record to support patient engagement and drive program growth. And, as our solution for clinical workflow, Arbor supports critical data management and reporting required to expand access to manufacturer and health plan networks.

Unlike other specialty pharmacy technologies, Arbor provides a comprehensive solution to support:

  • Patient Identification: Using data from your EHR, Arbor automatically identifies patients who will benefit from specialty pharmacy services so the on-site specialty pharmacy team can begin engaging them. It also notifies our clinical pharmacists and liaisons about any new prescriptions so they can immediately begin supporting patients.
  • Referral Management: Arbor speeds time to therapy by streamlining benefit verification, prior authorization and financial assistance, and patient and provider communication. This ensures patients have a coordinated experience and receive support needed to manage complicated healthcare insurance claims and payments. It also limits administrative work for other care team members, helping to improve clinical workflows.
  • Patient Management: Arbor ensures clinical excellence with protocols that guide patient education, medication review, adherence monitoring, refill coordination, and more.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: Arbor’s advanced data analytics and reporting functionality supports patient interventions and management, as well as payer and LDD access.

Arbor Simplifies Specialty Pharmacy Data Analytics and Reporting

Reporting on clinical outcomes and quality measures is key to gaining and maintaining accreditation, payer network access, and limited distribution drug access. However, pharmacy leaders often lack the bandwidth and time needed to collect and analyze specialty pharmacy data.

Our Arbor® specialty pharmacy technology simplifies specialty pharmacy data analytics with automated reports and dashboards customized to specific clinics and patient populations. Its comprehensive and customizable nature enables us to easily access data needed to:

  • Measure ongoing adherence to therapy
  • Monitor disease-specific clinical outcomes
  • Assess operational performance
  • Report to payers and drug manufacturers
  • Meet accreditation requirements

We also leverage Arbor to conduct outcomes research. We regularly collaborate with pharmacy leaders, providers, and drug manufacturers on studies that assess the impact of health system specialty pharmacy services on patient care and outcomes. Our customers’ work has been recognized at industry conferences and featured in industry publications. Read a recent outcomes study here.

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