Working Together to Distinguish Health System Specialty Pharmacy Services

Published 02/04/2021
by Kathryn Edwards

In an article published in Pharmacy Times on February 2, Jerry Buller, chief pharmacy officer at Trellis Rx, shares insights on how – and why – we must come together to develop health system specialty pharmacy benchmarks and standards of practices to distinguish the impact of our services.

“As an increasing number of health systems strive to enhance patient care through in-house specialty pharmacies, a tremendous opportunity exists to come together and demonstrate how our services drive superior clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients. Yet today, getting health systems to align around clinical and operational benchmarks and practice standards that are meaningful to other stakeholders remains an opportunity.

As a result, the performance of health system specialty pharmacies (HSSPs) continues to be defined by the standards accrediting bodies and payers use to assess traditional mail-order specialty pharmacies (SPs). But these standards don’t account for the unique capabilities and characteristics that enable health systems to deliver differentiated care and results.

It’s time for this to change. Defining commonly-accepted clinical and operational benchmarks and practice standards specific to HSSPs will enable us to distinguish our services and further our impact for patients while opening the door to greater collaboration with other stakeholders.

So how do we achieve this? Transforming how we leverage data and rethinking how we work with our industry partners will be key.”

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