Managing Specialty Pharmacy Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Resources for Pharmacy Leaders & Practitioners

Published 03/30/2020
by Brandon Newman

As health systems across the nation focus on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, continuing to deliver excellent care and service to patients with chronic conditions presents a challenge.

Patients still need help to afford their medications. Many are concerned about continuing to take immunosuppressants and require additional counseling to stay adherent to their treatment. Others can’t refill their prescriptions due to drug shortages.

Fortunately, a health system’s specialty pharmacy team can provide the support patients require to manage their conditions and therapy regimens. Pharmacists and liaisons can ensure continuity of care by:

  • Calling patients to provide counseling and monitor adherence,
  • Supporting patients in between appointments, especially when appointments are canceled or delayed due to coronavirus,
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest information about drug shortages,
  • Partnering with providers to identify alternative treatment options when patients’ medications aren’t available,
  • Coordinating delivery of refills so patients stay adherent and stay home, and
  • Finding additional financial assistance so patients can afford their medications.

To effectively provide care during this crisis, pharmacy leaders and practitioners must stay up-to-date on current COVID-19 guidelines and information. We have compiled the following list of resources to make this task easier:


Patient Care Information


Drug Shortages Information


Financial Support for Your Patients


Educational Resources for Your Patients


Other Relevant Resources


Articles & News


We will continue to update this list as the situation evolves over the coming days. You can access additional information and insights in our COVID-19 Health System Specialty Pharmacy Resource Center. If there are other resources you recommend we add, please contact us.