Legacy Health Launches On-Site Specialty Pharmacy Program with Trellis Rx

Published 09/19/2018
by Kathryn Edwards

Innovative on-site specialty pharmacy program to provide personalized services focused on improved experience, health outcomes, and reduced financial burden for patients

Legacy Health, a nationally recognized nonprofit healthcare leader in the Pacific Northwest, announced today that it has selected Trellis Rx, a leading technology-enabled specialty pharmacy service provider, to help Legacy launch a patient-centered, on-site specialty pharmacy program. Through this relationship, Legacy Health and Trellis Rx will focus on changing the way patients experience specialty medication therapy by providing them personalized support throughout their course of treatment. The program is expected to be available to patients beginning in October.

Specialty medications are prescribed to treat complex and often chronic conditions, and they require comprehensive ongoing communication and management with the patient to ensure their effectiveness. These medications are typically expensive, and the administrative burdens surrounding them can be significant for patients and their families. With Legacy Health’s on-site specialty pharmacy program, patients will have direct access to pharmacists in collaboration with their physicians to manage medication-related issues as a part of an overall plan of care. The program will also provide patients with dedicated liaisons who will assist them in navigating the many complex aspects of specialty drugs including insurance authorization, financial assistance, and ongoing therapy adherence. The program aims at improving overall health outcomes and reducing the inconvenience, frustration, and financial outlay patients typically experience with specialty medications.

“As a healthcare leader in the communities we serve, our goal is to continually innovate to provide the highest level of service to our patients and their families,” said Everett W. Newcomb III, D.O., Chief Operating Officer at Legacy Health. “Building out a comprehensive specialty pharmacy program under the Legacy Health name will provide patients with a single trusted source for care and support aligned to their specific therapeutic and financial requirements.”

“Building an effective specialty pharmacy program is about more than just providing patients with access to medication. It is also about ensuring they have everything they need, from education to support to financial assistance, as they manage their condition,” said Andy Maurer, CEO of Trellis Rx. “By putting patients’ needs at the forefront of everything we do, we are positively impacting health outcomes. We are excited to work with Legacy Health to bring this opportunity to their community.”