New Report Outlines Clinical Outcomes Measures for Health System Specialty Pharmacy Services

Published 01/19/2022
by Kathryn Edwards

Trellis Rx seeks to advance patient care by sharing real-world clinical results from health systems across the country

Atlanta, GA, January 19 – Trellis Rx, a technology-enabled specialty pharmacy services provider, today published a report that offers new insight into the clinical results achieved by health systems that have embedded pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons into care teams to support patients with chronic and complex conditions. The report aims to accelerate recognition of the differentiated clinical value health system specialty pharmacies can create and provide a set of clinical standards health systems can use to evaluate and optimize the performance of these services.

“Health systems have proven their ability to transform the medication therapy experience for patients by offering a higher level of service and support,” said Brandon Newman, PharmD, MMHC, CSP, Chief Operating Officer at Trellis Rx. “Unfortunately, until now the data to demonstrate the efficacy of the health system specialty pharmacy care model have been limited. We’re excited to help close this gap by sharing the real-world clinical results from our partner health systems across the country,” Newman added.

The first-of-its-kind report outlines standardized clinical outcomes measures across multiple specialty areas including cardiology, endocrinology, oncology, infectious disease, and neurology. The measures are applicable to any specialty pharmacy service and benchmarked against findings from clinical research studies and other third-party sources.

For example, clinical outcomes measures for patients living with HIV include not only adherence but also data points focused on proactive disease control and management:

Clinical Outcomes Measure Health System Benchmark Market Benchmark
Proportion of days covered (adherence) 95%1 60%2
Patients with undetectable viral load 96%1 65%3
Median time to undetectable viral load 18 weeks1 26 weeks4
Patients who receive appropriate opportunistic infection prophylaxis 100%1 None available

“Health system specialty pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons are uniquely positioned to improve health outcomes and quality of life for patients,” explained Jerry Buller, DPh, MMHC, Chief Pharmacy Officer at Trellis Rx. “The clinical outcomes measures outlined in this report provide much-needed benchmarks to demonstrate our impact and provide objective information against which health system specialty pharmacies can assess and optimize clinical performance.”

The report also highlights the evidence-based care processes used by Trellis Rx’s partner health systems and underlines how health system leaders should evaluate and optimize the performance of their organization’s specialty pharmacy services.

“The report tangibly demonstrates that health systems with a comprehensive, fully-integrated specialty pharmacy care model can measurably improve patient outcomes and consistently achieve national clinical and service best practice results,” said Greg Wozniak, Chief Executive Officer of Denali Health and Executive Advisor for Trellis Rx. “These findings provide a clear roadmap for healthcare leaders to utilize in improving the value of specialty pharmacy services for patients, providers, and other stakeholders such as employers, health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.”

Read the full report here.


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Trellis Rx is the complete specialty pharmacy services solution for health systems looking to enhance the medication therapy experience and drive market-leading clinical outcomes for their patients with chronic and complex conditions. Working side-by-side with health systems, Trellis Rx delivers everything required to rapidly build and expand fully-integrated specialty pharmacy services through a performance-based partnership model designed to ensure results.

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