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Trellis Rx market research specialty pharmacy insights

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum Article Shares Findings from Trellis Rx Market Research

Specialty Pharmacy Continuum recently published an article, “Health Systems versus Payors: A Duel for SP Care,” that highlights findings from Trellis Rx’s market research report.

Trellis Rx market research specialty pharmacy insights

Pharmacy Times Highlights Specialty Pharmacy Market Research

Pharmacy Times recently published an article highlighting Trellis Rx’s specialty pharmacy market research report, “Specialty Pharmacy Insights: Aligning health systems and health plans for more patient-centered care.”


Rochester Regional Health Launches Specialty Pharmacy Service in Partnership with Trellis Rx

Rochester Regional Health is partnering with Trellis Rx to launch an integrated specialty pharmacy service for its patients.

Trellis Rx market research specialty pharmacy insights

Research reveals health system & health plan misperceptions inhibit patient-centered specialty pharmacy partnerships

Trellis Rx published a qualitative study that offers new insight into why health system specialty pharmacies often struggle to partner with payors.

Doctor caring for patient

Summa Health & Trellis Rx Highlighted in Article on Specialty Pharmacy Benchmarking

A recent Specialty Pharmacy Continuum article highlights how Summa Health and Trellis Rx are using data to evaluate the impact of embedded health system specialty pharmacy services on patient care.

oncology prescription turnaround times

Health System Specialty Pharmacy: Benefits to Oncology Prescription Turnaround Times

A Pharmacy Times article published in February 2020 highlights how the Summa Health Specialty Pharmacy has enhanced care for patients with cancer.

Lee Health

Lee Health Partners with Trellis Rx to Offer Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Service

Lee Health and Trellis Rx are partnering to offer integrated specialty pharmacy services to enhance care for patients who require specialty medications.


Trellis Rx Improving Patient Specialty Medication Access through Partnerships

In 2019, Trellis Rx and our health system partners improved patient access to specialty medications by securing over $13.5 million in financial assistance. Read our press release to learn what else we achieved together.

memorial gulfport

Memorial Hospital at Gulfport Partnering with Trellis Rx to Launch Specialty Pharmacy Program

Trellis Rx and Memorial Hospital at Gulfport are partnering to launch a clinic-based specialty pharmacy program to support patients and providers.

Trellis Rx Specialty Pharmacy Outcomes Study Featured in Specialty Pharmacy Times

Specialty Pharmacy Times featured our outcomes study on migraine medication affordability and access in their October 2019 issue.


RADAR on Specialty Pharmacy Article Highlights Specialty Pharmacy Program Partnership

Learn about the success of North Memorial Health and Trellis Rx’s partnership in a RADAR on Specialty Pharmacy article published by AIS Health.


North Memorial Health Specialty Pharmacy Case Study Featured in Healthcare Innovation

Read a specialty pharmacy case study about our partnership with North Memorial Health in North Memorial Health.

achc specialty pharmacy accreditation

ACHC and Trellis Rx Announce Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation Partnership

Trellis Rx’s new partnership with the Accreditation Commission for Health Care will enable more health systems across the country to offer high quality specialty pharmacy care to their patients.

clinic-based specialty pharmacy service

How Clinic-Based Specialty Pharmacy Services Strengthen Health Systems of Every Size

Trellis Rx Chief Pharmacy Officer Jerry Buller addresses three misconceptions to explain how health systems small and large can benefit from starting an in-house specialty pharmacy program. 

specialty pharmacy partnership

Trellis Rx Announces Specialty Pharmacy Partnership with Parkview Health

Parkview Health and Trellis Rx are partnering to provide patients who require specialty medications in-clinic support from pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons

summa health specialty pharmacy

Summa Health Adds Specialty Pharmacy Services in Partnership with Trellis Rx

Trellis Rx and Summa Health are partnering to launch an embedded specialty pharmacy service for patients.

spe ialty pharmacy services market

How Health Systems Can Break into the Specialty Pharmacy Services Market

Trellis Rx Chief Pharmacy Officer Jerry Buller and Chief Solutions Officer Tony Zappa detailed five key strategies hospitals can implement to overcome barriers to success in the specialty pharmacy services market on a Becker’s Hospital Review webinar. To read the article on the Becker’s Hospital Review website, click here.

Modern style building with large H sign for hospital

Pharmacy Practice News: Health Systems Are in the Right Place for Specialty Pharmacy

A Pharmacy Practice News article summarized our Becker’s Hospital Review Webinar webinar about why health systems are in the right place for specialty pharmacy.

superior specialty pharmacy experience

Creating A Superior Specialty Pharmacy Experience For Patients

Trellis Rx’s Chief Pharmacy Officer outlines why discusses why health systems are best positioned to create a superior specialty pharmacy experience for patients

integrated specialty pharmacy service

North Memorial Health Expands Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Services with Trellis Rx

Program to build on current integrated specialty pharmacy service to enhance customer experience and outcomes across North Memorial Health specialties

amanda fadden brings specialty pharmacy consultant experience to Trellis Rx

Amanda Fadden Brings Specialty Pharmacy Consultant Experience to Trellis Rx as VP, Service Quality Excellence

Industry leader brings comprehensive specialty pharmacy experience to Trellis Rx’s customers.

on-site specialty pharmacy program

Legacy Health Launches On-Site Specialty Pharmacy Program with Trellis Rx

Innovative on-site specialty pharmacy program to provide personalized services focused on improved experience, health outcomes, and reduced financial burden for patients Legacy Health, a nationally recognized nonprofit healthcare leader in the Pacific Northwest, announced today that it has selected Trellis Rx, a leading technology-enabled specialty pharmacy service provider, to help Legacy launch a patient-centered, on-site […]

health system specialty pharmacy management leader

Trellis Rx Hires Jerry Buller as Chief Pharmacy Officer & Brandon Newman as Vice President of Clinical Affairs

Industry veterans to bring deep expertise in health system specialty pharmacy management

southern ohio medical center

Southern Ohio Medical Center and Trellis Rx Partner to Improve Specialty Pharmacy Care for Patients

Southern Ohio Medical Center will leverage Trellis Rx’s innovative specialty pharmacy care to introduce in-clinic services, provided by patient liaisons and clinical pharmacists, throughout Southern Ohio.


Our insights on topics related to health system specialty pharmacy.

Trellis Rx strategies for health system specialty pharmacyLDD and health plan access partnerships

How Health Systems Can Overcome Barriers to Gain Payor Access

Jerry Buller’s shares strategies from our recent market research study health system specialty pharmacies can use to overcome barriers obstacles to payor access.

Man attending Trellis Rx Becker's Healthcare webinar on payor specialty pharmacy access.

Health System Specialty Pharmacy Research Findings Discussed in Becker’s Healthcare Webinar

Learn key take-aways and answer to attendee questions from Trellis Rx’s Becker’s Healthcare webinar about our market research study on health system and health plan specialty pharmacy partnerships.

Trellis Rx market research specialty pharmacy insights

A Candid Look at Barriers to Hospital and Payor Specialty Pharmacy Partnership

Jerry Buller’s recent 340B Report article outlines three barriers to health system and payor specialty pharmacy partnerships uncovered in our recent market research report.

Webinar Measuring Disease-Specific Outcomes

3 Key Take-Ways from Trellis Rx’s May Health System Specialty Pharmacy Webinar

Learn key take-aways from Trellis Rx’s recent educational webinar focused on measuring disease-specific outcomes to create value.

Trellis Rx outlines why health system specialty pharmacy teams must track disease-specific outcomes metrics

Prioritizing Disease-Specific Clinical Metrics to Enhance Patient Outcomes 

Brandon Newman discusses why health system specialty pharmacies must begin tracking disease-specific clinical outcomes and explains the outcomes metrics Trellis Rx is tracking with our partner health systems.

Trellis Rx shares how health system specialty pharmacy teams can help patients navigate drug shortages during COVID-19.

Advice for Helping Patients & Providers Navigate Drug Access Challenges during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Trellis Rx clinical pharmacists share insights on health system specialty pharmacy teams can help patients and providers navigate drug access challenges during COVID-19.

Trellis Rx COVID-19 health system specialty pharmacy resource center

Managing Specialty Pharmacy Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Resources for Pharmacy Leaders & Practitioners

Trellis Rx has developed a COVID-19 health system specialty pharmacy resource center to support pharmacy leaders and practitioners as they care for patients with chronic conditions during this crisis.


Stepping Stones: 5 Tips to Prepare for Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

Gaining specialty pharmacy accreditation can be challenging for a health system specialty pharmacy. Get best practices to prepare from Trellis Rx.

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Improving Specialty Pharmacy Rx Outcomes through a Health System Specialty Pharmacy Program

See how a clinic-based pharmacist and a nurse practitioner worked together to help a patient regain control of his health sooner.

AdobeStock_251571682 (1)

Stepping Stones: How Health System Specialty Pharmacies Can Measure Patient Satisfaction and Provider Loyalty

Trellis Rx shares health system specialty pharmacy best practices for measuring patient loyalty & provider satisfaction using Net Promoter Score.


Provider Perspectives: Q&A on the Benefits of Summa Health Specialty Pharmacy Services

Summa Health physicians and nurses share how the health system’s specialty pharmacy service in benefitting patients and improving clinic workflows.

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Trellis Rx Outcomes Report: Oral Oncology Medication Turnaround Times

See how embedded hospital specialty pharmacies enable patients with cancer to start therapy sooner in our clinical outcomes report on turnaround times.


Stepping Stones: Build Organization-Wide Support for a Clinic-Based Specialty Pharmacy Model

Our Chief Solutions Officer Tony Zappa shares how pharmacy leaders can use stakeholder analysis to create organization-wide buy-in for a clinic-based specialty pharmacy model.

AdobeStock_256179008 (1)

Stepping Stones: 4 Steps to Integrating Specialty Pharmacy Services to Provide Team Based Healthcare

Denali Cahoon, Chief Operating Officer, outlines four steps pharmacy leaders can take when integrating specialty pharmacy team members into patient care teams.

hospital-owned specialty pharmacy service

How Hospital-Owned Specialty Pharmacy Services Address Medication Access & Affordability Challenges

Trellis Rx advisor Ted Slafsky explores barriers to medication access and outlines how health system specialty pharmacies are addressing this problem.

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Stepping Stones: Accessing Limited Distribution Drugs 

Jerry Buller shares best practices to help health system specialty pharmacies gain access to limited distribution drugs.


Hospital Specialty Pharmacy Programs Provide Integrated Care, Hope to Patients

Connecting patients with financial assistance enables health system specialty pharmacy teams to reduce the burden of specialty medications on patients


Stepping Stones: Tips for Specialty Pharmacy Payer Contracting

Recommendations for gaining payer specialty pharmacy network access for your health system specialty pharmacy.

health system specialty pharmacy network access

Gaining Health System Specialty Pharmacy Network Access: Creating Partnerships with Payors and Manufacturers

We outline what health system pharmacy leaders should know about gaining specialty pharmacy network access by building partnerships with payers and drug manufactures.


Relationships Build Patient Engagement and Provider Trust with Specialty Pharmacy

A clinic-based health system specialty pharmacy enhances patient care and enables population health initiatives that improve access to therapy

build a health system specialty pharmacy

DIY or Partner: Determining the Best Approach to Build A Health System Specialty Pharmacy

Health system leaders should evaluate organizational and pharmacy competencies to decide whether self-development or partnership is the best approach to implement a specialty pharmacy service line.

world ms day

Trellis Rx Raises Awareness of Multiple Sclerosis on World MS Day

Did you know that a recent study found almost 1 million people in the U.S. are living with multiple sclerosis (MS)? This is nearly twice the number of people previously believed to be affected by the condition. MS is an autoimmune disorder that damages the myelin sheath in the central nervous system. This disrupts how […]

specialty pharmacy solutions

5 Reasons Speed-to-Market Matters for Health System Specialty Pharmacy Solutions

Your health system could be missing significant opportunities to drive patient engagement and build competitive advantage by not offering clinic-based specialty pharmacy services.


Embedded Health System Specialty Pharmacy Personalizes Patient Care

A story from one of our partners illustrates how the personalized care patients receive from an embedded health system specialty pharmacy makes a critical difference in their adherence and health outcomes. Recently, a patient living with HIV was introduced to the specialty pharmacy team at Legacy Health. The patient needed surgery to remove precancerous tissue, […]

specialty pharmacy liaison jobs

What Motivates a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison? The Patients They Serve

“You can never know how grateful I am for what you’ve done for me. I would pretty much be bankrupt if I had to pay for these drugs if it weren’t for you.” When you speak with any clinic-based pharmacist or specialty pharmacy liaison at our partner health systems, you quickly learn what motivates them […]

specialty rx care models for hospital-owned specialty pharmacy programs

Empathy – A Key Ingredient for an Exceptional Specialty Rx Patient Experience

A patient impact story shows one key ingredients needed to provde an exceptional specialty pharmacy patient experience.

patient imagr

Embedded Specialty Pharmacy Team Removes Barriers to Specialty Medication Access

See how one clinic-based pharmacy liaison went above and beyond to help a patient with Hepatitis C overcome barriers like prior authorization to access her medication.

hcv medication adherence specialty pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy Outcomes Report: HCV Medication Adherence at Southern Ohio Medical Center

Our specialty outcomes study with Southern Ohio Medical Center shows how health system clinic-based specialty pharmacies improve medication adherence and access among patients with Hepatitis C.

specialty pharmacy services

Health Systems Can Improve Patient Care by Offering Specialty Pharmacy Services

Our patient impact story shows how health systems can improve patient access and adherence to specialty medications by offering specialty pharmacy services.

embedded pharmacists help with specialty medications in health system specialty pharmacies

How Embedded Pharmacists Enhance the Patient Experience

Staying centered on the person not the prescription is vitally important to the success of a health system specialty pharmacy program.

chronic care management

Communication and Caring: How Pharmacists Enhance Chronic Care Management

Taking the time to communicate effectively and compassionately with patients – listening, answering questions, and providing sound advice – is the cornerstone of a strong specialty pharmacy program. This story, relayed by one of our pharmacists who specializes in neurological disorders, shows how pharmacists can enhance chronic care management and underlines the importance of building […]

beckers webinar

Trellis Rx Leaders Discuss Strategies to Overcome Barriers to Specialty Pharmacy Growth in Becker’s Hospital Review Webinar

Our Chief Pharmacy Officer Jerry Buller and Chief Solutions Officer Tony Zappa led a Becker’s Hospital Review webinar about how health systems can overcome barriers to grow world-class specialty pharmacy programs.


The Impact of Specialty Medication Adherence for Health Systems

At many healthcare organizations, patient outcomes suffer unnecessarily because the system to encourage and support medication adherence is fragmented and poorly coordinated.