North Memorial Health Expands Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Services with Trellis Rx

Published 11/05/2018
by Kathryn Edwards

Integrated specialty pharmacy services build on current specialty pharmacy operations to enhance customer experience and outcomes across North Memorial Health specialty clinics

North Memorial Health is partnering with Trellis Rx, a leading technology-enabled specialty pharmacy service provider, to expand its customer-centered, integrated specialty pharmacy services. The expanded pharmacy services for customers prescribed specialty medications will include direct, in-clinic access to pharmacists and patient liaisons to support their treatment program. For customers with complex and costly medication regimens receiving outpatient treatment at North Memorial Health specialty clinics, this partnership will provide a higher level of coordination, education and support following prescribed medication therapies. Liaisons will also work with patients on insurance authorization and to find financial assistance – two of the biggest barriers to adherence with specialty medication regimens. The expanded program will be available to oncology and infectious disease customers in November.

“The experience for a customer prescribed a specialty medication can often be challenging,” said Paul Krogh, system director, Pharmacy and Infectious Disease at North Memorial Health. “These medications are used to treat complex conditions and can be expensive for patients. They frequently come with significant administrative requirements that can impact access and how well patients adhere to their treatment regimens,” said Krogh. “By making pharmacists an integral part of the care team in our specialty clinics, we will personalize this experience for our customers to keep them compliant with their therapy and on the path to achieving their desired health outcomes.”

“North Memorial Health’s commitment to patient empowerment and exceptional service matches our own approach and philosophy,” said Andy Maurer, Chief Executive Officer at Trellis Rx. “We are aligned with them on addressing each patient’s unique needs and on the critical role pharmacists and patient liaisons can play in the specialty medication therapy process. We are excited to help advance their mission of change in healthcare and to further the impact of their already outstanding integrated specialty pharmacy services.”