Our TeamAdvisory Board

We’re assembling a multidisciplinary team with expertise across the critical areas of pharmacy care management and patient engagement

Stacey Bartlett Stacey Bartlett
Vidya Bhat Vidya Bhat
Jerry Buller Jerry Buller
Eddie Bureau Eddie Bureau
Kalyani Kumar Kalyani Kumar
Glenn MacDonald Glenn MacDonald
Andy Maurer Andy Maurer
Kraig McEwen Kraig McEwen
DeVonne Mowry DeVonne Mowry
Brandon Newman Brandon Newman
Doug Pritchett Doug Pritchett
Larry Reese Larry Reese
Richard Selby Richard Selby
Yukiko Wu Yukiko Wu
Frank Jamison Frank Jamison
Amanda Fadden Amanda Fadden
Britt Sager Britt Sager
Michael Becker Michael Becker
Steve Bence Steve Bence
Tamiko Yamatani Tamiko Yamatani
Jeff Romano Jeff Romano
Stuart Deal Stuart Deal
Zel Skrtic Zel Skrtic
Courtney Brandenburg Courtney Brandenburg