Executive Insights

Executive Insights: Implications of Drug Manufacturer 340B Contract Pharmacy Policies: Expanded Guide

Over the past several years, drug manufacturers have implemented new policies limiting covered entities from accessing 340B pricing for drugs dispensed through contract pharmacies. These policies threaten an established and relied-upon source of funding for many health systems, as they deliver essential services to their communities. The impact is especially acute for health systems using contract pharmacies to provide medications to their patients with chronic and complex conditions.

To date, efforts to reverse these restrictive policies have failed. The complex situation has significantly evolved since Trellis Rx published the first edition of this paper. We have expanded this guide as the situation is unlikely to soon resolve.

Building or expanding on-site pharmacy services can help hospitals and health systems mitigate the impact of drug manufacturers’ actions while protecting against future changes to contract pharmacy guidelines or policies. However, health systems require a definitive plan to overcome known barriers to service expansion—particularly for specialty therapies.

The newest edition of this guide will help you: 

  • Understand the latest restrictions
  • Recognize the impact they may have on your organization
  • Plan a long-term strategy to adapt and thrive