Case Studies

North Memorial Health Specialty Pharmacy Case Study

Customer-centered care is integral to North Memorial Health. As one of the only independent health systems remaining in the competitive Minneapolis market, its excellent customer experience is a key differentiator.

In 2016, North Memorial Health began offering specialty pharmacy services in its Cancer Center to enhance the specialty medication therapy experience for its customers. Locally-embedded medication advocates provided education and ongoing support to customers and navigated complex, time-consuming financial assistance and prior authorization processes for providers.

Expanding an existing health system specialty pharmacy

Given the success of the North Memorial Health Specialty Pharmacy, the health system’s leadership recognized how specialty pharmacy services could further the health system’s strategic goals. Expanding services across its outpatient clinics would enhance care and outcomes for more customers, while improving provider satisfaction and financial results. Comprehensive specialty pharmacy services would also allow the health system to gain greater ownership of complex customer populations — which was critical given an increasing number of at-risk health plan contracts.

As a result, North Memorial Health’s leadership elevated specialty pharmacy services as one of five strategic priorities and began planning for expansion in 2017. However, they understood the challenges of scaling their in-house program to maturity. After considering the upfront capital investment, the advanced technology, and the staffing and expertise required to successfully expand, they decided to partner with a specialty pharmacy services provider to accelerate the growth and success of the program.

North Memorial Health evaluated several providers before choosing to partner with Trellis Rx in October 2018. They believed Trellis Rx’s customer-centric approach best aligned with its brand promise of being “your health family.”

Learn about the results of our specialty pharmacy partnership

It took only a few months after launching its partnership with Trellis Rx for North Memorial Health to see significant benefits from expanding specialty pharmacy services. Download our case study to learn about the results of our partnership for North Memorial Health and its patients and providers.