On-Demand Webinar: How specialty pharmacy plays a role in creating sustainable health system-health plan collaboration

Health systems and payors agree that specialty pharmacy represents one of the greatest challenges – and opportunities – facing our healthcare system today. Why then aren’t they working together to enhance value for patients and their organizations?

In this Becker’s Hospital Review presentation, Andy Pulvermacher, principal consultant at Blue Fin Group, and Jerry Buller, chief pharmacy officer at Trellis Rx, share the results of Trellis Rx’s recent market research highlighting significant differences between payors’ and health systems’ perceptions of the role health system specialty pharmacies can play in improving patient outcomes and reducing cost-of-care.

Topics include:

  • Payor perceptions about health system specialty pharmacies
  • Health system perceptions about payors’ specialty pharmacies and their associated interests
  • Areas of common ground between health systems and payors
  • Strategies health systems can use to build specialty pharmacy partnerships with payors



Andy Pulvermacher
Principal Consultant, Blue Fin Group


Jerry Buller
Chief Pharmacy Officer, Trellis Rx