Specialty Pharmacy Insights: Aligning health systems and health plans for better patient-centered care

Health systems and payors agree that specialty pharmacy represents one of the greatest challenges – and opportunities – facing our healthcare system today.

Why then aren’t they working together to enhance value for patients and their organizations?

This report draws on extensive market research commissioned by Trellis Rx to answer that question—and provide insights health system and health plan pharmacy leaders can leverage to develop mutually-beneficial partnerships.

Findings are based upon the results of blinded and unblinded interviews with health system and health plan pharmacy leaders and other industry subject matter experts. Topics covered include:

  • Payor perceptions and perspectives of health system pharmacies
  • Health system perceptions and perspectives of payors
  • Areas of common ground between health systems and payors
  • Proactive solutions to promote an effective, risk-based specialty pharmacy care model

Trellis Rx market research specialty pharmacy insights

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