Case Studies

Summa Health Specialty Pharmacy Case Study

Summa Health is a patient-centered population health management organization serving millions of patients in Northeast Ohio. As one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery systems in the state, the nonprofit system encompasses a network of hospitals, community-based health centers, a multi-specialty group practice, a health plan and an accountable care organization.

Partnering to Establish a Locally-Embedded Specialty Pharmacy Service

In 2018, Summa Health identified an opportunity to enhance care for its patients who required specialty medications. Navigating external specialty pharmacies had long created challenges for its patients, as well as its providers and staff. Summa Health believed offering integrated specialty pharmacy services could address these challenges and provide the coordinated, high-touch care needed to improve health outcomes.

After an extensive decision-making process, Summa Health partnered with Trellis Rx to accelerate the implementation and growth of an in-house specialty pharmacy. Executive and pharmacy leaders believed Trellis Rx’s unique care model, which integrates onsite specialty pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons directly into care teams, would create the best experience for its patients, providers and staff. At the same time, they recognized that Trellis Rx’s expertise and at-risk partnership model could enhance results and reduce risk.

Download this health system specialty pharmacy case study and learn how Summa Health, with Trellis Rx’s support, was able to accelerate best-in-class results for its patients and providers.