Risk-Mitigating Specialty Pharmacy Partnership Model

Expanding embedded specialty pharmacy services beyond core specialties like oncology can multiply the advantages for health systems. However, growing a specialty pharmacy program requires taking on significant risk. Securing needed investments can be challenging for pharmacy leaders– especially when success isn’t guaranteed.

Trellis Rx’s risk-mitigating specialty pharmacy partnership model shifts all risk away from our health system partners to make it possible to accelerate growth of an embedded program:

  • Financial risk: We provide a 100% performance-based model and cover all costs associated with program expansion,
  • Operational risk: Working in collaboration with you and your team and under your brand, we take responsibility for expansion into new areas to drive growth.
  • Recruiting risk: We recruit, train, and manage all incremental specialty pharmacy team members. We involve your pharmacy leaders and providers in the hiring process to ensure a strong fit.
  • Payor & LDD risk: We obtain access to payor networks and limited distribution drugs (LDDs) needed to grow your specialty pharmacy and bear the risk of any delays.
  • Invested capital risk: We bring a technology solution if required and can provide working capital to drive program growth.

Our Risk-Eliminating Model Enables Rapid Specialty Pharmacy Growth

Speed to market is key to specialty pharmacy success, but lack of people, working capital, and other resources prevent many health systems from expanding their program after a promising start.

By taking on all risk, Trellis Rx can quickly grow your specialty pharmacy program to support more patients. We’ll hire incremental pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons to expand your capacity. You’ll work with our implementation experts to develop launch plans that allows you to rapidly integrate into additional clinics. Our experts will develop and quickly begin executing detailed payer and LDD access plans. In short, we’ll provide everything you need to expand – no waiting for approvals, budget, or personnel.

Read more about why speed to market matters for health system specialty pharmacies in this article.

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