Specialty Pharmacy Continuum Article Shares Findings from Trellis Rx Market Research

Published 08/20/2020
by Kathryn Edwards

The Trellis Rx market research report draws upon a first of its kind study Trellis Rx commissioned with third-party firm Reckner/Blueberry. The study included blinded, in-depth interviews with 10 hospital pharmacy leaders and 10 health plan leaders. Trellis Rx also conducted unblinded interviews with nine industry subject matter experts. The research allowed industry leaders to share their thoughts candidly and unfiltered.

The Specialty Pharmacy Continuum article describes the “dueling misperceptions” among health plans and payors uncovered in the study. It concludes that: “The report paints a picture of two entities with a fraught relationship: working on the same side, theoretically toward the same purpose, but each struggling to understand the other and skeptical of the other’s approaches.”

Trellis Rx’s Chief Pharmacy Officer Jerry Buller was also interviewed for the Specialty Pharmacy Continuum article. Buller explains that, while the market research report identified barriers that prevent collaboration today, it also revealed shared goals that can unite health systems and payors. By focusing on common ground, Trellis Rx has found that health systems and payors can develop mutually-beneficial specialty pharmacy partnerships that benefit patients and other stakeholders.

As Buller explains in the article, “Both parties agree that the rising cost of drugs is unsustainable; that patients are paying unfairly for a broken health care system; and that the patients and employer sponsors suffer.”

You can read the article on Specialty Pharmacy Continuum‘s website.