Pharmacy Times Highlights Specialty Pharmacy Market Research

Published 07/06/2020
by Kathryn Edwards

Pharmacy Times recently published an article highlighting Trellis Rx’s specialty pharmacy market research report, “Specialty Pharmacy Insights: Aligning health systems and health plans for more patient-centered care.”

The article summarizes the key findings of the specialty pharmacy market report, which offers insights into why many health system specialty pharmacies struggle to gain payor specialty pharmacy network access. The findings of the report are derived from extensive qualitative research, including 20 in-depth interviews with health system and health plan pharmacy leaders conducted by a third-party vendor. Trellis Rx also conducted 9 unblinded subject matter expert interviews to inform the report.

The Pharmacy Times article highlights key barriers to collaboration identified in the interviews. These include:

  • Health system and health plan leaders viewing each other antagonistically, with phrases such as “conflicting interests” used to describe current relationships.
  • Most health plans not recognizing the potential value health system pharmacies can create for their business, their customers, and their members.
  • Many health systems not investing in the specialty pharmacy capabilities and infrastructure necessary to provide value to health plans.

However, despite these barriers, the article highlights that the market research revealed that pharmacy leaders from both stakeholder groups agree collaboration is critical to address and manage the high cost of specialty medications and improve care for patients. The report offers strategies health systems and health plans can leverage to improve understanding and further partnership efforts.

You can read the Pharmacy Times article here or download the specialty pharmacy market research report here. If you would like to learn more about how Trellis Rx’s partnership can accelerate your health system’s specialty pharmacy strategy, contact us.