Supporting a Patient with HIV during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Published 11/04/2020
by Kathryn Edwards

This story was shared by Daniel Jude, an infectious disease clinical pharmacist who works on-site at one of Trellis Rx’s partner health systems in the Midwest. 

A young patient newly diagnosed with HIV was admitted to the hospital for complications, including suspected COVID-19. A new diagnosis of HIV can be very traumatic and isolating in normal times. For this patient, the pandemic added additional stress as his family was unable to be with him to provide support.

To ensure the patient would be successful on his new therapy regimen, his provider referred him to the health system’s specialty pharmacy. As the infectious disease clinical pharmacist, I immediately stepped in to provide medication counseling and education and to make certain the patient could access his medications upon discharge. I visited with the patient in-person, being certain to make eye contact while wearing full PPE, to discuss his new therapy regimen. While I was with him, I also shared information about support programs available through local non-profits and mental health services available through the health system.

Upon discharge, the patient’s mother was unable to pick up the needed nebulizer machine for breathing treatments from the medical supply store. Because she was at home caring for her newly discharged child, the specialty pharmacy team picked up the nebulizer and delivered it directly to their home.


Why is this story meaningful to you?

This story displays not only the trust and integration with our providers but also the specialty pharmacy’s dedication to treating the whole of our specialty patient. We see the humanity in our patients and do our best to support them through advocating for access to critical services.


Why do you enjoy being part of the Trellis Rx team?

As an infectious disease clinical pharmacist, I have been given a fantastic opportunity to serve patient populations that are often stigmatized, even within health systems. I love being able to leverage my passion for advocacy and improving local care and access to therapies and services.

I also have access to a large group of highly skilled and caring infectious disease pharmacists across Trellis Rx’s many partner health systems. We work together as a team to solve complex patient situations and to ensure our programs meet the highest standards.


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