Robert Ferraro

General Manager, Southern Ohio Medical Center

Robert Ferraro is the General Manager of the Southern Ohio Medical Center Specialty (SOMC) Pharmacy where he leads the operation of the Trellis Rx / SOMC Specialty Pharmacy program.

Prior to joining Trellis Rx, Robert was the Regional Satellite Pharmacy Manager of Mail Meds Clinical Pharmacy in St. Petersburg, FL. In that role, Robert monitored and directed the clinical and professional activities of Mail Meds’ Satellite Pharmacy locations. Robert’s satellite pharmacy team consistently delivered excellent patient care to their specialty pharmacy patients. In addition, Robert served on Mail Meds’ Compliance and Clinical Oversight Committees, and also as one of their senior clinical staff members. Prior to that, his experience includes Pharmacist in Charge at CVS, Clinical Pharmacist at Doctor’s Hospital of Sarasota, and as a Florida Certified Consultant Pharmacist.

Robert holds a PharmD from the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy and is a Certified HIV Pharmacist (AAHIVP).

Robert recently moved to Ohio with his wife and two young sons. They are looking forward to new adventures, experiences and the beautiful four seasons in the area.


PharmD from University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy


Previous Experience

Mail-Meds Clinical Pharmacy

Doctor’s Hospital of Sarasota