Trellis Rx Employee Spotlight: When the Opportunity Came, This Pharmacy Liaison Went for It

Published 08/10/2022
by Senita Fort

Jose Gonzalez is a Lead Specialty Pharmacy Liaison at Trellis Rx, servicing multiple endocrinology clinics for Catholic Health in Buffalo, NY. Supporting patients living with diabetes and other metabolic diseases, Jose handles insurance coverage, prior authorizations, and financial assistance while checking in with patients and coordinating refills. We recently caught up with him to learn what it’s like working for Trellis Rx:

How did you begin working in pharmacy?

I started at a local retailer and transitioned from the front end to the pharmacy staff. I spent six years there, moving up the ladder as a pharmacy technician, before going into managed care for a Medicaid provider.

How did you hear about Trellis Rx?

I was a reference for a former coworker interviewing for a job with Trellis Rx. While speaking with Trellis Rx, they mentioned they were also looking for a pharmacy liaison who would work hand-in-hand with the pharmacist. I thought, it’s not every day that an opportunity like this comes so easy, so I took a chance, and within three weeks, I was onboarding.

Describe the work that you do as a pharmacy liaison.

The role of a liaison is very much focused on helping patients as directly as possible. It’s so much more than being a technician; you’re assisting and ensuring patients use the different resources we have available to help them enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

It’s all about educating them on therapies that help them do what they want in life — like seeing their kids’ soccer game or even just getting out of bed and feeling good throughout the day.

How do patient interactions in the health system specialty pharmacy compare to retail pharmacy?

Oh my gosh, it’s night and day, and I love it so much! We have more time with the patient, and we’re involved in all aspects of pharmacy operations, including the clinical side. At Trellis Rx, I truly serve as that bridge between the retail and the clinical sides of the pharmacy. For example, I can call a patient, hear how they are doing and support their care. If they’re having issues, I’m able to send a note to the care team and say, “Hey, can you reach out to the patient?” or, “What can be done to help this patient?” Sometimes even the nurses come to us to ask for our recommendations.

In your experience, what is the relationship between a pharmacy liaison and a pharmacist at Trellis Rx?

In my case, the pharmacist and I worked together previously and have a tight bond; but I believe that’s true for other pharmacist and pharmacist liaisons at Trellis Rx. We depend on each other. I can get the pharmacist’s ideas on how to approach a patient or provider, and if needed, I can ask her to speak with a patient when they have a question I’m unable to answer. I think the best thing about our relationship is that we never feel alone because we work so closely together.

What impresses you most about the Trellis Rx culture?

Trellis Rx is a company that focuses on patient care first, which makes a huge difference in a patient’s health. The culture is very open. Just being able to say that I’ve had a face-to-face meeting with our CEO within five months of starting here is huge. Knowing that I can approach anyone at any time to ask a question creates a big sense of unity across the whole company. I’ve never seen anything like it before.


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