Trellis Rx Improving Patient Specialty Medication Access through Partnerships

Published 12/03/2019
by Kathryn Edwards

Trellis Rx, the leading technology-enabled specialty pharmacy service provider, today announced securing more than $13.5 million in financial assistance to improve patient specialty medication access through the rapid expansion of its health system and specialty pharmacy industry partners in the first ten months of this year.

The company’s new partnerships with health systems such as Lee Health (Fort Myers, FL), Memorial Hospital at Gulfport (Gulfport, MS), Parkview Health (Ft. Wayne, IN) and Summa Health (Akron, OH) are furthering its mission to change how patients experience specialty medication therapy.

Trellis Rx is the only company that embeds clinical pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons directly in the health system’s clinics where they work with other care team members under the organization’s brand. This approach has a proven impact on patients and providers, as indicated by Trellis Rx’s strong operational, clinical and financial results in 2019, including: *

  • 92 percent average proportion of days medication is covered before next refill (PDC)
  • Time to fill patient prescriptions reduced to less than two days
  • 100 percent HCV therapy completion rates and SVR12 cure rates
  • Provider Net Promoter scores (a system measuring provider satisfaction and predicting growth through a scale of -100 to +100) improved an average of 103 points

The rapid growth of its health system partners’ specialty pharmacy services is also helping more patients access coordinated, personalized specialty pharmacy care. Summa Health expanded specialty pharmacy services to 12 clinics and supported over 1,000 patients in just six months after partnering with Trellis Rx. Providers say the Summa Health Specialty Pharmacy creates continuity of care, resulting in improved care team communication and patient safety.

Similarly, in just three months after signing a partnership agreement with Trellis Rx, Parkview Health’s specialty pharmacy launched in four clinics and supported over 350 patients. The health system also gained access to two limited distribution drugs in its first month.

“It is important for us to be at the forefront of care access and medication management,” says Chris Jellison, corporate director of pharmacy at Parkview Health. “Since the beginning of our partnership with Trellis Rx, we’ve quickly been able to improve both patient and staff satisfaction, streamline operational needs, and extend care to more of our community.”

“We’re proud of the growth our partners have experienced this year,” says Andy Maurer, chief executive officer at Trellis Rx. “By offering clinic-based specialty pharmacy services, each health system is significantly enhancing patient care. We look forward to continuing to serve as a strategic partner to health systems seeking to build or grow an in-house specialty pharmacy service.”

Trellis Rx has also fostered a number of partnerships with nationally recognized payors and pharmaceutical companies on behalf of its health system partners. For example, Trellis Rx helped North Memorial Health gain access to the specialty pharmacy network of its largest commercial payor. Trellis Rx is also partnering with pharmaceutical manufacturers and North Memorial Health providers on clinical outcomes studies in oncology and rheumatology.

In addition to fostering relationships with health systems and payors, Trellis Rx has built strong relationships across the specialty pharmacy industry as a corporate partner of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and a preferred partner of the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). Trellis Rx also announced a regional agreement with Acurity, a leading healthcare supply chain and group purchasing services organization, in September.

Learn how the Trellis Rx model has positively impacted patients, providers and health systems on the Trellis Rx blog.

About Trellis Rx
Trellis Rx empowers health systems to change the way patients experience specialty medication therapy. It is the only organization that partners with health systems to eliminate the risk of building or expanding on-site clinic-based specialty pharmacy services for their patients.

Trellis Rx’s unique clinical care model embeds highly skilled clinical pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons into health system’s specialty clinics. Its fully integrated, local approach ensures patients with chronic and complex conditions receive the personalized, high-touch pharmacy care required to support adherence to treatment plans and improve clinical outcomes.

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*Results as of October 31, 2019; PDC, time to fill, HCV therapy completion rates and SVR12 rates include health systems partnered with Trellis Rx for over 84 days; NPS includes health systems partnered with Trellis Rx for over six months