Trellis Rx Partner Parkview Health Earns Prestigious Award for Specialty Pharmacy Patient Satisfaction

Published 05/10/2022
by Senita Fort

May 10, 2022, ATLANTA, GA – Managed Market Insight and Technology (MMIT) has announced that Trellis Rx partner Parkview Health has received the prestigious 2022 Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award for the Hospital & Health System category. This marks the first time Parkview Health has received this important honor. Trellis Rx partner, Summa Health, was also recognized as a finalist for the award.

Each year, MMIT recognizes one specialty pharmacy that provides best-in-class customer satisfaction and overall patient care within four categories: Payer/PBM, Hospital and Health System, Independent, and Retail. The Specialty Pharmacy Patient Choice Award is given to the organization that delivers the best patient experience in each category as measured by the average Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the Zitter Insights Specialty Pharmacy Patient Satisfaction Survey. NPS is a cross-industry standardized index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others.

“On behalf of all our colleagues at Trellis Rx, I want to congratulate Parkview Health and Summa Health on receiving this important recognition from MMIT,” said Brandon Newman, Chief Operating Officer for Trellis Rx. “Our mission is to enhance the experience for patients and providers who rely on specialty therapies to treat chronic and complex conditions. We are grateful to have the opportunity to partner with organizations like Parkview Health and Summa Health to pursue that mission every day. The Patient Choice Award affirms that our partners are leading the way in driving better care, better experiences, and better health for their communities.”

Parkview Health launched the Parkview Specialty Pharmacy in August 2019 in partnership with Trellis Rx. Pharmacists and pharmacy liaisons are integrated into care teams across seven specialty areas including oncology, rheumatology, and infectious disease to provide employees and patients the coordinated, high-touch care needed to improve adherence and outcomes. To date, the Parkview Specialty Pharmacy has supported more than 4,000 patients and achieved market-leading clinical outcomes across specialties.

In Rheumatology, pharmacists have collected RAPID3 scores – a recognized standard patient-reported measure of disease severity – for 100% of patients and completed interventions to help over 32% of these patients who had high or worsening scores improve their health status. Across all specialties, Parkview Specialty Pharmacy patients are over 95% adherent to their therapy regimens (as measured by proportion of days covered), far exceeding national averages.

Since first participating in the survey in 2020, the Parkview Specialty Pharmacy service has consistently earned market-leading NPS scores. In the most recent survey, patients gave the Parkview Specialty Pharmacy service a perfect NPS score of 100.

To learn more about the Parkview Specialty Pharmacy, visit Parkview Health’s website. To learn more about Summa Health and its specialty pharmacy service, visit Summa Health’s website.


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