Discover Our Values

At the core of Trellis Rx is the belief that patients come first. We bring amazing people together and empower them to help patients who require specialty medications live their best lives. By focusing on this core goal, we believe we can help our health system partners and our team members thrive.

Our values keep us centered on this core goal. At Trellis Rx, our values are deeply engrained into our culture – they begin with how and who we recruit, live in how we work day-to-day, and are celebrated in how we recognize our team members.



  • You display a steadfast commitment to getting results
  • You want to be better and encourage feedback
  • You routinely evaluate performance and continuously improve


  • You solve problems proactively
  • You act on the challenges others may face before they face them
  • You are willing to think differently and seek creative solutions


  • You are courteous and respectful
  • You empower others and derive satisfaction from service and selflessness
  • You welcome great ideas – wherever they come from


  • You uphold a clear set of ethical standards
  • You say what you do and do what you say
  • You admit your mistakes and seek help when you need it


  • You aspire to create fulfillment for those around you
  • You appreciate others’ challenges and seek to relieve their struggles
  • You recognize success and make time to celebrate it

The more the following concepts resonate with you and describe people you’d be excited to work alongside, the more likely you’ll be successful at Trellis Rx.

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