What Motivates a Specialty Pharmacy Liaison? The Patients They Serve

Published 05/02/2019
by Kathryn Edwards

“You can never know how grateful I am for what you’ve done for me. I would pretty much be bankrupt if I had to pay for these drugs if it weren’t for you.”

When you speak with any clinic-based pharmacist or specialty pharmacy liaison at our partner health systems, you quickly learn what motivates them – making a difference for patients. That’s why receiving the note above was so meaningful to one of our specialty pharmacy team members who works on-site at Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC).

The patient who wrote this note has epilepsy. Prior to using the SOMC Specialty Pharmacy, she paid $1,600 each month for a brand name drug needed to manage her condition. She inevitably struggled to afford this copay amount, but was unable to switch to a generic drug because doing so caused her seizure activity to increase.

Fortunately, the patient’s nurse connected her with the SOMC Specialty Pharmacy team. The specialty pharmacy liaison reached out to the patient to educate her about the Epilepsy Copay Assistance Program. The patient was thrilled to learn about this option, and the pharmacy liaison helped her submit an application immediately.

Since receiving a grant, the patient is able to afford her medication and stay on the therapy that is most appropriate for her. As you can see from her note, she was immensely grateful for the pharmacy liaison’s support.

What does the pharmacy liaison have to say about this experience? “I’m so happy we were able to step in and relieve such a huge financial burden for this patient! If this were me or my family, I would be so grateful for support finding resources like the Epilepsy Copay Assistance Program.”

Interested in learning how a specialty pharmacy program can enhance the patient experience at your health system? Read another patient impact story or contact us to discuss your health system’s specialty pharmacy opportunity.