Just Getting Started

Published 11/13/2017
by Brian Lovett

*Trellis Rx has partnered with Mission Health to introduce in-clinic services, provided by patient liaisons and clinical pharmacists, throughout Western North Carolina.*

Last week, we proudly announced the signing of a partnership agreement with Mission Health to co-create a world-class specialty pharmacy, beginning with their Asheville, NC hospital. This is a tremendous step for Trellis Rx as a company, as it is our first major partnership in North Carolina. What we’re most excited about is putting into practice the monumental shift in patient care we’ve developed and collaborating with Mission to make this partnership a complete success. Mission has been acknowledged as one of the nation’s Top 15 Health Systems in five of the last six years by Truven, so it comes as no surprise to us that they’ve chosen to be a first mover in innovating specialty pharmacy care in their region.

Mission has been an incredible partner in working with us to launch this specialty pharmacy program. They have demonstrated outstanding commitment and have shared a mutual excitement throughout the entire process for the changes that we will support — both teams worked tirelessly to get here.

Mission hospital’s new specialty pharmacies will rapidly evolve patient care within the Mission Health system and the broader Western North Carolina community, providing the support systems patients need to get the most out of their pharmacy experiences. In the coming months, patients will be introduced to and be able to opt-in to Mission’s new Specialty Pharmacy, where we’ll begin to enact the fundamental shift for patient care that has been our number one priority since our inception.

To learn more about this remarkable partnership please refer to our official press release (found [here])

To learn more about Mission Health please visit their website at: http://www.mission-health.org/